March 20, 2024 | Време читања: 4 минута

The Polyglot Club at the Academic Centre of Knowledge

The Polyglot Club at the Academic Centre of Knowledge

On Friday, 22nd March 2024, in the premises of the Academic Centre of Knowledge, located at 63/14 Prvomajska Street in Niš, a Polyglot Club workshop will be held. Our Polyglot Club brings together all those who love learning foreign languages and exploring different cultures around the world. The concept of such workshops is popular worldwide and provides people with the opportunity to socialize, make new friends, and subtly acquire foreign languages through an informal yet expertly guided methodological plan.

These workshops can be organized in various locations, ranging from cafes and restaurants to classrooms tailored to the workshop’s theme. Participation in such workshops does not require expertise in the language around which the workshop is organized; it is sufficient to be interested in the language and culture of the people who speak it. Through film, music, and pop culture, you can compare your cultural patterns and communication styles with the language you are learning. Learning a language through informal gatherings has proven to be very effective, as contemporary language is used in natural conversation. The conversation topic is not only the grammar of a language but also informal vocabulary, slang, culture, and history of the country whose language is being learned. Additionally, it is a perfect way to learn about the cultural and social patterns of all workshop participants, especially if the workshop gathers participants from different parts of the world.

In this way, participants of the Polyglot Club workshops can exchange experiences with native speakers of different languages, allowing them to observe different dialects and language variations and how they influence language acquisition, which would not otherwise be possible through formal classroom methods.

The benefits of these workshops are also reflected among students at international faculties who, in addition to formal education conducted in official institutions, have the opportunity to practically apply their language skills, meet people from the local community, or perhaps connect with their national communities living in a particular country. All this leads to better mutual understanding of different cultures and communities and the creation of stronger friendships characterized by greater tolerance of cultural diversity.

So, enthusiasts, join us on Friday! The workshop theme prior to Friday evening will be male-female relations and etiquette when meeting people in Serbia. Get ready to exchange experiences that have amazed us during our stays in various countries, while enjoying a glass of wine in our improvised café in the center. Psst! We’ll also be listening to some vinyl records…

The number of seats is limited, so hurry up. Registrations are open, and all interested parties can apply via the following link.

A little teaser for what awaits us, we leave here. Check out the experience of Canadians who have explored Serbian cities. Expect to be entertained and inspired. See you! We can’t wait to see you…