About Us

“What do you get when you place KNOWLEDGE at the center of a learning process? When there’s consistent progress behind the achieved results of your children and their self-confidence in their work? You get a trusted school that delivers results.

We welcome you to the Academic Center of Knowledge. Our school was founded with one goal: to provide the highest quality training and knowledge for admission to the desired high school and to offer support to parents during this significant milestone in their children’s lives. High school admission is an equally stressful process for parents as well as for the children, which is why attending our preparatory classes serves as an additional source of security and trust for everyone.

The Academic Center of Knowledge also opens doors to all individuals aspiring to success in their academic endeavors through certified courses in the Serbian language as a foreign or heritage language.

The Academic Center of Knowledge – Our Mission

The full name of our school, Academic Center of Knowledge, reflects the core purpose of our existence. We offer a wide range of language programs to assist you in achieving your academic goals. We believe that knowledge is a key component of personal and professional development, and therefore, we strive to make it accessible to all. Help us to collectively restore trust in education and genuine values. Our  abbreviated name, ‘Az Center’, stems from the first Old Slavic word and symbolizes the beginning, foundations, and the importance of literacy.

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Join us today. For additional information, registration, or questions, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Welcome to Az Center, where knowledge becomes power!